Covid-19 Vaccinations

When will the vaccines be available?

You may have seen on the news that the Federal Government has started allocating Covid-19 vaccinations to GP clinics. 

Morningside General Practice Clinic is pleased to advise that we are an approved vaccination provider for the Covid-19 vaccines.  We are happy to help provide Covid-19 immunisation for our local area and wider community.

Depending upon the supply of vaccines, we are expecting to have increased capacity to immunise from May and will start to book appointments online once we have this confirmed.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE CLINIC - we will communicate with you via e-mail and our website.

Calling the clinic will only place significant stress on our reception staff and interrupt our usual patient care.

Once we are able to order more vaccines we will work on the most efficient way of providing vaccinations to as many people as possible so please be patient while we work on the details, and follow the instructions carefully.

We will be sharing more details shortly.

Thank you for understanding.

Please keep checking this page for regular updates as we will let you know what we know when we know it!


Covid-19 vaccines are being rolled out to people in phases, with those most at risk receiving their vaccinations first.

People who are eligible for Phase 1b of the vaccination rollout will be the first to receive the vaccine in general practice.

Phase 1b includes adults aged 70 years and over, health care and critical and high-risk workers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged over 55, and adults with certain medical conditions.

To find out when you are eligible to receive the vaccine complete the Covid-19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker.  This will tell you which phase of the rollout you are in.  This interactive tool also allows you to see the locations of vaccination clinics.

Please also review this document for the list of Phase 1b eligibility criteria as well as the proof of eligibility requirements.

While everyone who is living in Australia is funded to receive a vaccine, funding for vaccinations in general practice is limited to those who have a Medicare Card.  If you are ineligible for Medicare, you can receive a vaccine at no cost at Commonwealth funded GP Respiratory Clinics (the list is here) or at (yet to be established) State funded vaccine clinics.

Vaccines will become available to other patients following the Phase 1b rollout.

If you are under the age of 50

As of April 8, the official Australian advice is that the Pfizer vaccine is preferred over the AstraZeneca vaccine to those under the age of 50 who have not already had their first dose.

The only vaccine we currently can access in general practice is the AstraZeneca vaccine.

If you have already had your first vaccine without any serious adverse effects, it is considered safe to have the second dose regardless of your age.

If you are in a situation where the benefits are likely to outweigh the risks, you can still have the vaccine, so long as you are able to make an informed decision based on an understanding of the risks and benefits.

You should discuss with your GP the risks vs benefits of having the AstraZeneca vaccine in your particular situation.


We are managing the distribution of our small number of vaccines according to the priority set by the government and will offer online bookings as soon as possible.

What should I do? 

Before your vaccination appointment, you should make sure that your contact and Medicare details are up to date. 

You can also read this patient factsheet developed by the Australian Government Department of Health for preparing for Covid-19 vaccination, and some tips for being ready for your vaccine here

Take a look over the vaccination consent form.  This is provided for your information, with a printed version available at the clinic on the day.

If you have allergies/a history of anaphylaxis, are immunocompromised, pregnant, or have various medical conditions such as cancer or bleeding disorders, please read and complete these forms and bring them with you to your vaccination appointment:

Allergy information


Advice for various medical conditions

Blood clotting conditions

Here is a checklist to assist you to get ready for your appointment.

Please do not come to your vaccination appointment:

  • if you are feeling unwell with fever, cough, runny nose or other symptoms that could be from Covid-19
  • if you are waiting for Covid-19 test results, or have tested positive for Covid-19
  • if you are a close contact of someone with Covid-19, or
  • if you are in quarantine.

If you have had another vaccine in the 14 days before your Covid-19 vaccine appointment, please let us know as we may need to reschedule your appointment.

Continue to practice Covid-safe behaviours:  cover your mouth when you cough, keep your distance, wash your hands, get tested and then stay home if you're sick.

Regularly check this page for further instructions.

What about blood clots?

For information about blood clots as a possible side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine, click through and scroll towards the bottom of this page.

Do I have to have it?

It is voluntary to have the Covid-19 vaccine.


The AstraZeneca vaccine is paid for by the Federal government.  There are no out of pocket fees for patients.

After your vaccination

The conditions of approval for this vaccine include close monitoring of your side effects.  Please see here for some information about vaccine side effects and instructions for what to do after your vaccination.

Further information

Further information about vaccination for Covid-19 is available on these sites:

Covid-19 information from the Australian government 

QLD vaccine rollout

Advice for people with allergies and immunodeficiency

Guide for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Vaccine ingredients

Covid-19 symptom checker and vaccine side effect checker

Australian vaccine rollout information

Resources in multiple languages

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