Covid Response

If you have been diagnosed with Covid, the infection



If you are over 70, over 60 with 1 additional risk factor, over 50 with 2 additional risk factors, over 30 and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander with 1 additional risk factor, or over 18 with moderate to severe immunocompromise, please contact a doctor ASAP (book an urgent telehealth consultation) as there are oral antiviral medications you may be eligible for if you are PCR positive or have a medically verified positive RAT

PBS funding is available for:

Adults 70 years of age or older, with mild to moderate COVID-19 confirmed by a PCR or medically verified RAT, can be prescribed PBS-subsidised anti-virals by a doctor or authorised nurse practitioner where:

  • treatment is commenced within 5 days of the onset of symptoms, or

  • treatment is initiated as soon as possible after diagnosis is confirmed where asymptomatic

For adults 70 years of age or older, no further risk factors for progression to severe disease are required for PBS eligibility

Also, adults with mild to moderate COVID-19 confirmed by a PCR or medically verified RAT can be prescribed PBS-subsidised anti-virals by a doctor or authorised nurse practitioner if treatment is commenced within 5 days of the onset of symptoms for:

  • People 60 years of age or older, with one additional risk factor for developing severe disease;

  • People 50 years of age or older, with two additional risk factors for developing severe disease;

  • People 30 years of age or older, identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, with one additional risk factor for developing severe disease; and

  • People 18 years of age or older, with moderate to severe immunocompromise;

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander adults under age 30 and other adults under age 50 are not eligible for PBS subsidised treatment, unless they have a moderate to severe immunocompromising condition

​To assist with the verification process, it is important that you report your RAT result to the QLD Government via this online form.  

A list of pharmacies with stock can be found here

Information about covid antiviral medication interactions can be found here

Without PBS funding (i.e., on a private script) the price is $800 - $1000  

Depending upon the severity of your case, your vaccination status and your underlying vulnerabilities, care may be offered to you in hospital, in a QHealth funded hospital-in-the-home model (you are looked after at home by a QHealth hospital based team who may or may not visit you at home) or you may be asked to check in with a GP​

If you are being looked after by a QHealth team, Medicare does not pay for your consultations with a GP

  • this does not mean that you can’t have a consultation with a GP, just that you will have to pay for it and there won’t be any Medicare rebate to help offset the cost

  • if you are cared for by QHealth, there will come a time where they will discharge you from their care and a GP will pick up from there​

If you are well enough not to require a QHealth response, but looking for advice, please let a GP know so that you can access help 

  • all consultations will be done via telehealth

    • if care needs to be escalated to face-to-face, you will be directed to an appropriate resource, such as a GP Respiratory Clinic or emergency department​

Safety is the priority

It is important that the clinic environment is kept safe, including for

  • patients, many of whom fall into vulnerable categories

  • reception, nursing and administration staff, some of whom fall into vulnerable categories

  • doctors and allied health care workers, some of whom fall into vulnerable categories

  • everyone's families, as most have vulnerable family members

So, what does this mean?

The following consultations are offered by telehealth (phone and/or video) only, with face-to-face options to be decided on an individual basis after the telehealth visit​

  • all consultations where there are respiratory symptoms

    • if you have cold or flu symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, tonsillitis, headache, runny nose, post nasal drip or sneezing even if you think/know this is your asthma, allergies or hay fever, you will continue to receive medical care, but via telehealth to avoid potentially exposing those at the clinic to Covid-19

    • if it becomes clear to the doctor that you need to be examined, they will advise you on how to do this safely - it may be considered safe enough to have you come into the practice or it may involve a consultation in the car park or the closest emergency department 

    • unless specifically directed to do so by the GP, if you come into the surgery with symptoms, you will be asked to leave

​RAT availability

Rapid antigen tests can be purchased at pharmacies, supermarkets and other retailers.

Zero tolerance for abuse

These are difficult times, however abuse of any kind is not acceptable

If you abuse staff, the doctors or allied health workers, you will be asked to leave. You may be asked to find a new medical clinic

If you have recovered from a Covid-19 infection

Once your symptoms have settled, you are welcome to resume normal medical care. 

As you may have lingering symptoms such as a cough, please book telehealth appointments initially and then be guided by advice from the GP

There have been repeat infections with this virus and more variants are expected to emerge, so please be aware it is possible to get another Covid-19 infection, just as you can get multiple cold or flu infections

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