Looking for a doctor with a special interest?

Looking for a doctor that has a special interest?

Dr. Victoria Featherstone is a G.P. who is interested in LGBTIQA+ health. 

She is experienced in the care of transgender and gender-questioning children and adults  If you are seeking a G.P. to discuss gender issues, she will assure a non-judgmental approach and help you to access information that may be of help.

Dr. Featherstone has completed a National Certificate in Reproductive & Sexual Health through the Family Planning Association of Australia.

Childrens Health/Antenatal Care
While all our G.P.'s love seeing children, there are a few special G.P.'s that have gone the extra mile and completed a Diploma of Child Health (DCH).

Dr. Victoria Featherstone and Dr. Nicola Shankey completed their Diploma in 2015 and 2016, which keeps them up to date with best practice on how to treat children and young adults.

Dr. Wendy Burton is also heavily involved with the Mater Mothers on GP engagement and education and is involved with the GP shared care alignment program which is now adopted by MMH, RBWH, Redland, Logan, Redcliffe/Caboolture, Ipswich and Nambour Hospitals.  Dr. Wendy Burton is a member of the state-wide Maternity and Neonatal Clinic Network Steering committee and chair of the RACGP’s Antenatal and Postnatal National Faculty of Special Interest.  You can visit her website for further maternity information: www.maternity-matters.com.au 

Skin Cancer
Dr. Karen Ramsay completed her Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer) degree in 2013.

Dr. Ramsay has many years of experience in skin cancer detection and removal and will advise you on options available for treatment if appropriate.  Skin checks normally take 15 minutes and your whole body will be examined thoroughly for any suspicious lesions.  Treatments could be topical, surgical excision or cryotherapy.

You will be advised if you need to rebook for removal of a skin lesion to be sent off to pathology for diagnosis.

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