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Patient Survey results

You filled in our forms and e-mailed your responses, and now, your results are available

Your three main concerns for our clinic are:

1.  Everything ran on time
2.  I am able to see a doctor quickly when I need to
3.  It is easy to make an appointment for a day and time that suits me

Please rest assured we are endeavouring to help fix these issues.  We do try our best to phone ahead to our patients if their doctor is running behind schedule. Patients themselves are also encouraged to call to see how their G.P. is running.  Please keep in mind that urgent appointments will take priority over standard appointments and this may cause your doctor to run behind time.

Most of you will know we do keep 'Sick on the Day' spots for people who are ill - vomiting, diahorrea, influenza.  These spots are not used for routine appointments such as scripts and referrals.  Please make sure when booking that you book for sufficient time to discuss all of your concerns, this small measure will help keep the day's appointments running smoothly and allow your fellow patients to be seen on time as well.

As always, if you have any feedback, you are welcome to fill in a patient feedback form, located in the Download Forms section of this website.  You can also obtain a copy of this form directly from reception staff.

Your three highest performing items are:

1.  The practice is clean and tidy
2.  The clinical team respected me
3.  The clinical team were caring and concerned about me as a person

We were partcularly happy that you feel respected and cared for  by the clinical team and thank you for acknowledging the practice is clean and tidy - something that can be quite hard to maintain in a high-traffic area.

If you have any further questions about our patient feedback results, please call reception on: 3399 4685 

And finally, a big Thank You to everyone who helped by making an effort to complete a survey, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Evening appointments

Apologies to everyone trying to get an appointment with us from 6pm-9pm Monday-Thursday at the moment, our usual evening doctors are currently away. We should resume back by the 19th of August.

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Health Matters eNewsletter: June 2019

Getting sick when travelling isn't much fun. A quick trip to your GP before you go can give you peace of mind that you're protected from contracting any diseases whilst away. See our latest newsletter for more

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Health Matters eNewsletter: May 2019

Did you know it's Heart Health Week? Now's the time to understand your risk for developing heart disease via a heart health check with your GP. See our latest newsletter for more.

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Health Matters eNewsletter: April 2019

Have you had your flu shot? The 2019 flu vaccines are now available in both our Morningside and Belmont General Practice Clinics. See our newsletter for more detail and get yours before the season starts.

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Health Matters eNewsletter: March 2019

Get the facts when it comes to immunisation - why it's important, when to get vaccinated and some common vaccine myths debunked.

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Health Matters eNewsletter: February 2019

See our February newsletter to learn how to be 'breast aware' and the importance of routine checks.

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Health Matters e-Newsletter: January 2019

You may have noticed we have a new recruit at Morningside General Practice this year - Dr Amy Langford-Ely. We sat down with her to learn more about our newest team member.

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Health Matters e-Newsletter: December 2018

You've probably noticed that the Government is introducing a new My Heath Record initiative. In case you haven't had a chance to get your head around it, here's a quick rundown...

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Health Matters e-Newsletter: November 2018

Ears feeling blocked, sore or having trouble hearing conversation? The good news is the problem may be simply ear wax - and Ear Microsuction is a far easier, safer and more comfortable method of ear wax removal than previous methods used such as ear syringing or irrigation.

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